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TiG & MiG Welding

Welding aluminium is quite specialised process due to the nature of the parent material. To ensure product is welded to the required quality we implement 3rd party approvals ensuring procedures and processes are controlled and in place.


TiG & MiG Welding Services

Weld Parameters

Set the weld parameters in line with the product being welded.

Visual Inspection

Carry out visual inspection, cutting into the welded area and looking for defects & penetration.

Weld Procedures

Set weld procedures in line with the findings from the above.

3rd Party Certification (Zurich)

Obtain 3rd party certification (Zurich) of the weld procedure to BS EN ISO 15614-2: 2005.

BS EN ISO 9606-2: 2004 Certification

Obtain 3rd party certification for all weld operatives to BS EN ISO 9606-2: 2004.


Ensure all welding consumables comply to the appropriate standards e.g. Gas, Filler Wire etc.

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