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Cutting & Mitring

We offer a comprehensive cutting service for your aluminium extrusions, this can be anything from 5mm to 6000mm long.

Cutting & Mitring Services

Aluminium Up-Cutting

The Aluminium up-cutting saws we have can achieve straight cuts and Mitre cuts achieving an acute angle of 20 degrees.

Secure Packaging

After cutting we still ensure your product is protected as required, this can range from packing in cardboard boxes or in bundles if surface quality is not critical or for highly decorative parts we will interleave, layer, poly wrap and band to ensure no transit damage occurs.


Cutting tolerance is normally based on +/-0.5mm but if required we can achieve a tighter tolerance but this does have a bearing on the cost as this does increase inspection requirements.


We have a good knowledge of cutting and quality, so we can offer whatever you require and can also advise on best practices to achieve your requirements on all aspects e.g. Cost, Quality, Delivery etc.

Saw Blades

The saws we operate are of two sizes 600mm blade and 500mm blade, the blades are specifically designed for the cutting of aluminium extrusions and as such leave minimum burr on the cut edge. Our blades are maintained on a weekly basis ensuring quality of cut edge is always good. If the components do require fully deburred edge we can offer this but this does carry additional costs as it can be time consuming dependant on the shape and complexity of the profile.

Material Required

If you have a product that you require cutting please give us the opportunity to quote, if you are trying to evaluate how much material you require for a job you can base your figures on the calculation below which covers the following:

A = Square cutting the end for measurement datum – 15mm
B = Minimum material required for clamping – 100mm
C = Saw blade thickness – 5mm


Stock length 5000mm – (A + B) / (Component length 60mm + C)
5000mm – 115mm (A+B) / 60mm + 5mm (C) = 75 components per 5m length
(So, if you need to produce 750 parts you require 10 stock lengths)

Note: if your component length is greater than the 100mm minimum clamping allowance you don’t need to deduct the 100mm.

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